A Good Night's Rest...

For Young Children, Getting Sleep Is So Important

Sleep Studies Have Shown

— Harvard University

  • “Children under the age of 3 who do not get the proper amount of sleep are three times more likely, by age 5, to have hyperactivity and impulsivity issues.”
  • “Sleep problems in teenagers have caused anxiety 27% of the time and depression 69% of the time.”
  • 25-50% of children with ADHD do not get a good night’s sleep
  • “Tired kids can be impulsive, distracted and are often misdiagnosed with ADHD.”
  • Sleep deprivation in a child effects their growth, attention span and “ability to fight infection.”

— National Science Foundation & Auburn University

“Getting enough shut-eye really matters for children, and those who are poor need it the most. After studying thousands of children, studies show when a child gets a good night’s sleep they do not sick as frequently, they are less aggressive, they don’t show as much depression and anxiety in the home and they do much better at school.”

— The Better Sleep Council

“When you sleep your brain recharges , your cells repair themselves, your body released important hormones.”

— Stanford

“Sleep deprivation increases the likelihood that teens will suffer negative consequences, including anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide and even suicide attempts.”

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