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The day That OPened Our Eyes To A Need In Far Too Many Children.

Our Story

— How Did Children Without Beds Get Started?

Children Without Beds was founded in 2017 by Tracy Chmelecki after meeting Samisha, a single mom, who opened Tracy’s eyes to the hurt many children today are experiencing of not having a bed. Tracy has been a servant leader in the area of children outreach ministry for over 20 years and compassionately works families throughout Metro Atlanta. 

— The Beginning

Tracy had gone into Samisha’s apartment and noticed she had no furniture. Tracy collected donated furniture for Samisha and her daughter. While unloading the furniture, several children Tracy knew, from the ministry she is involved with, came up and wanted to help. As the children helped carry items into the apartment, they were saying, “I don’t have a bed either”. Then a girl took Tracy by the hand and said, “I will show you.”  As they walked into her very empty apartment, Tracy noticed the only things in the living room were two couches, with no cushions, standing on their sides.  When asked about them, she said they were going in the trash.  

As they walked up the stairs and into her bedroom, what Tracy saw broke her heart! In her bedroom there were clothes scattered all over the floor because she had nothing to put her clothes in. The little girl and her sister were using the cushions from the couches downstairs as a bed (the same couches that were only fit for the trash). They had what looked like a sheet and tattered blanket on top of them. The pillow was very dirty and was so used it was half the size of a regular pillow. Her little sister had shirts inside a pillow case for her pillow.

At that moment Tracy knew she had to do something. She was only one of the many, many children that said they needed a bed. Tracy’s first thought was to do a bed drive. Then the word non-profit kept popping into her head. She knew God was telling her something. It was then that she decided to start a non-profit, so that a bed could be provided to any child that was in need of one.

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